Set of 8 Stainless Steel Coloured Attachment Combs designed to fit Arco blades.

The kit includes: No. 1 – 3 mm, No. 2 – 6 mm, No. 3 – 9 mm, No. 4 – 13 mm, No. 5 – 16 mm, No. 6 – 19 mm, No. 7 – 22 mm, No. 8 – 25 mm. The colour coded comb attachments allow you to easily identify the comb size/cutting length at a glance.

How to use:

1 – Align the blade and attachment comb

2 – Fix the comb to the clipper by hooking the comb at the base of the blade

3 – Push the comb up with your finger until it snaps over the teeth of the blade

4 – The comb attachment should be centred on the blade and all the teeth of the blade should be covered by the comb

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