Horse Bit Consultations & Advice

Cork Farm Equestrian is pleased to offer bitting consultations & advice from our specialist Gill Batt. Gill is able to visit you and your horse to make a full assessment & give you the professional advice you need.

Whether you're trying to address a specific type of bit evasion, looking to gain extra marks or simply want peace of mind that you have the best choice for your horse Gill can help.

To make an appointment or to discuss your requirements in more detail please call 01233 740817 or 07912 224277

How will Gill help?

Gill will look at the size of your horses tongue & how it fills the mouth cavity. Gill will assess the depth and thickness of lips, length of bars, space and the width in the soft palate to the roof of mouth. There are breed traits that benefit from specific shapes of bit and with age the mouth changes shape as the teeth go through different stages of growth.

Gill would always recommend that the main rider is part of the bit choice, as we all have our own style and preference of riding, and the bit can be chosen specially to suit the unique horse and rider combination.

Gill also welcomes the chance for your regular trainer to be part of the consultation process.

Gill can tweak the level of control or suggestion from the bit as some riders are very light with the hand which the horse may find difficult to interpret and some who prefer a heavier feel on the rein which the horse finds too much to comprehend. Many riders have a single horse and perhaps therefore less as effective as a professional from the seat and leg. There are also many stages of training which we work through using different methods. The continual path to help balance and straightness preparing for the move to the next stage of learning and training. 

Control and confidence for both horse and rider can be extremely relative when selecting an improved bit choice which can also help the rider maintain a better and more effective seat and position.

Changing the bit will not be a magic wand - but it should be an important piece of the puzzle that helps you complete the overall picture.

About Gill

In 2001 Gill owned a horse that presented major bit evasion, with her other horses she had never really experienced such a dramatic problem. Gill sought expert advice but bitting the horse harshly or clamping the mouth closed was the not going to get to the core of the problem.

The more Gill spoke to equestrian professionals from all fields but it quickly became evident that there was little or no specific bitting specialists with accurate product knowledge backed up by hands on knowledge - so Gill began her own pursuit to gain both practical and informed bitting expertise and experience.

Gills quest for knowledge has taken her to the United States, Europe and many training opportunities across the U.K.

Over the course of the last 16 years Gill has worked with bit manufacturers being instrumental in design and promotion as well as riders from all types of disciplines and levels. Gill has been invited by British Eventing, British Dressage along with the Lorinery and Saddlery Societies to give infomative talks and demonstrations sharing her theories and approach to bitting.

Although Gill now has a wealth of knowledge and experience the horses can still throw her the odd curve ball only fuelling her passion to learn and achieve the best results for her equine and human clients.



Denise & Juliette Beckwith, Otford

"Thank you for all your help prince and Juliette did very well winning their classes with 67% and 71%"


Janie, East Sussex

"Thank you so much Gill for the time you spent with Floyd the other afternoon - the new bit you recommended is working a treat - great service! A brilliant knowledge in this minefield of bitting - if anyone is wondering where to turn to get good advice - look no more call this lady - Thank you.


Josh Hill, Lingfield

"Thanks Gill, Herman won at the regionals on a fantastic score of 72%, the Weymouth you fitted has made a massive difference, really helping with the softness and self carriage!"


Valda, Speedgate

"Thanks a million for your time and expertise Gill, I am so excited that we have found something which Scooby seems to approve of!"


 Joe Bright

Joe Bright Dressage, Fiddlers Green Stud, Kent

"Gill has been instrumental in providing expert bitting advice being a vital element in the success I have had with all of my horses from my youngsters to my Grand Prix horse. Everyone needs a session with Gill!"

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