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Sprenger WH Ultra bits are double jointed with a unique roller in the centre section.

They are designed by Lisa Wilcox & Ernest Hoyos together with Sprenger.

They provide gentle stimulation to the tongue area, encouraging the horse to chew prompting salivation. This allows acceptance of the bit; therefore the horse relaxes the jaw helping the horse to learn more quickly to accept the bit resulting in them softening their entire top line which in turn enables them to perform the movements with more relaxation throughness & ultimately more harmony.

The KK mouthpiece with the middle link is turned forward by 45 degrees provides gentle but effective communication with the horse.

The additional feature of the WH Ultra bits is the unique roller in the centre section that brings an even better focus for the horse onto the tongue.

The WH Ultra is highly recommended for horses that are unresponsive to the rein aids. The tongue is gently stimulated to utilise its highly sensitive sense of touch in an incomparable way.

The horse becomes relaxed and stays focused on the tongue preventing the easily distracted which leads to a more responsive aid to the rein aid.

The end result is complete harmony..

Available in Sensogan with 55mm Stainless Steel Rings in
14mm bit thickness in 120mm (4¾''), 130mm (5 1/8'') or 140mm (5½'')
16mm bit thickness in 120mm (4¾''), 130mm (5 1/8''), 140mm (5½'') or 150mm (6'')

Please note that bits which have had the tags removed or have been in contact with the horses mouth cannot be returned for health & safety reasons.

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