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The Weymouth is attached a little bit lower where the horse's head gets thinner.

Therefore the Weymouth should be 1/2 to 1 cm smaller than the bradoon.

It is important that the cheeks of the Weymouth fit closely to both sides of the horse's mouth.

When attaching the curb chain the rider should be able to pull the Weymouth up to an angle of 45°.
  • enlarged contact surface on the tongue
  • soft influence in the horse's mouth
  • optimal utilisation of the limited space in the horse's mouth
  • intensively tested, especially recommended for horses that tend to pull up their tongue
  • higher poll pressure due to longer cheeks, leverage effect slightly delayed
Available with 7cm Stainless Steel lower cheeks in Sensogan in 14mm or 16mm thickness in
125mm (5'') or 135mm (5 1/4')

Please note that bits which have had the tags removed or have been in contact with the horses mouth cannot be returned for health & safety reasons.

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