This is a laundry concentrate with a hint of lavender for natural and synthetic fabrics.

Added to your machine wash, it breaks down heavy soiling, protein based grime to deep clean and sanitize.

The wash eliminates odours and refreshes rugs and blankets, saddle pads, wraps and protective boots. The specialised formula is gentle on waterproof rugs, providing optimum cleaning for breathable, waterproof fabrics. It is also Earth-friendly, being pH-neutral and biodegradable.

How to Use Saddle Pad & Blanket Wash:
  • Use 1-2 pumps of product per load in machine dispenser (Use more for heavily soiled items).
  • Set to a Warm Wash for a Heavy Duty Large load. For wool fabrics choose a Cold Wash.
  • For best anti-static benefits, add Leather Therapy Saddle Pad & Blanket Rinse to the rinse cycle.

Available in 473ml

*please note that we are unable to send liquids in excess of 1 Litre per parcel overseas due to International Airfreight Safety Restrictions*