Skin friendly, gentle shampoo that removes stains and produces an illuminating shine for all coat colours.

Add 30 ml of Cavalor Bianco Wash with 8 litres of lukewarm water. Stir until it forms a homogenous mixture and rub with a sponge over the body of the horse. Rinse the horse with water afterwards.

Use Cavalor Bianco Wash regularly during the summer months to clean and refresh your horse.


· Contains a mixture of vegetable extracts. Cleans without irritating.

· Ph Neutral

· The unique formula of Cavalor Bianco Wash creates a lasting protection for your horse.

· Keep dry , temperature from 10°C till 25°C in normal storage hangars.

· Use until 3 years after production date

· Keep out of reach of children

The optical effect of silver or blue shampoo

So called Silver / Blue Shampoos are popular for washing grey horses. The purple or blue pigment reduces yellow shades.

This is just an optical illusion though, as they do not actually clean the coat as deeply and stubborn stains return.

Cavalor Bianco Wash has a deep cleaning action that removes persistent stains.

We don't rely on illusion!

Very Cost Effective

Because you use such a small amount of this shampoo you will find the bottle can last a very long time. Of course, if you are the kind of person that squirts half a bottle all over the place you will find this expensive!

On our yard we are able to wash at least 25 tails with a bottle. For socks, we use just a small squirt of around 10ml - should be good for around 50 socks

Available in 500ml

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