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Meet The NEW Trek Pro – Your Favourite Hoof Boot with Sleek, ELEVATED Style! SOLD AS SINGLE BOOTS (Available on Regular Sole in sizes 1, 2, 3 & 4)

The NEW upgraded Trek ‘Pro’ Regular Sole Hoof Boot provides an exceptional, fully moulded upper. This modern, sleek, streamlined design has features, unlike any other hoof boot. Trek Pro’s refined appearance sets your horse apart from the herd. But don’t be fooled by its elegant appearance, the upgraded Trek Pro Hoof Boot stands up to the most rugged terrain.

Moulded recesses hold the inset D-ring webbing and stitch channels, minimizing wear and tear. Exclusive to Cavallo, the Pro Mesh upper material is breathable, flexible, and lightweight, while delivering high abrasion and moisture resistance.

The world’s most trusted hoof boot with the best hoof boot warranty keeps getting even better! Update your best friend’s hoof boot gear and step out on the trails in style!

Trek Pro is lightweight and features a sleek design – made for horses who perform and need boots with the look and durability required for the show ring or a rocky trail. The Trek Pro excels in the arena, on rough terrain, during trailer travel and on gravel parking areas—plus, they can be used for therapy/hoof rehabilitation when needed. If your horse needs to perform in boots, he needs the Trek Pro.

Trek ‘Pro’ Regular Sole Hoof Boot Features Include:
  • Superior Trek quality with a sleek, streamlined style
  • Minimal profile, classic, professional look
  • Fully moulded upper
  • Moulded recesses hold inset D-Rings, minimizing wear & tear
  • Breathable, flexible & lightweight
  • Fully adjustable upper to accommodate lighter and heavier-boned horses alike
  • High abrasion & moisture resistance
  • Exclusive Cavallo moisture drainage system – moisture, mud and debris flow right through
  • Easy to size and fit
  • Easy on, easy to secure & fasten, easy to remove
  • Lightweight Pro-Mesh TPU Uppers

Step 1 — Prepare the Hoofs:
  • FOR ACCURATE SIZING, BE SURE TO TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS RIGHT AFTER A FRESH TRIM. (Future growth is already factored into each size range)
  • Brush and clean the hoof carefully so that the entire foot is clearly visible, and the buttress lines are obvious.
  • Make sure to use a measuring device with highly visible, contrasting numbers that will be easy to read and will show up well in photos.
  • DO: Use a ruler or tape measure with increments as small as 1/16 of an inch (or down to the millimeter for metric rulers). Measure precisely to 1/16 of an inch or millimeter, if possible.
Step 2 — Measure the Length

It is important to place the “0'' of your measuring device securely against the tip of the toe. Run the measuring device straight down the center of the hoof toward the heel.

Locate your equine’s hard points of the heel (the buttresses) and measure to where these two emerge. Do not include the heal bulbs. Record the length measurement or submit a photo.

* The weight-bearing LENGTH most often indicates the size necessary. Take hoof WIDTH measurements as well, to confirm that you have chosen the correct sole shape for your horse, either Regular or Slim.

DON’T: Do not hold your measuring device at an angle. Do not leave any part of the measuring device extended over the edge of the toe

Step 3 — Measure the Width

Using the same measuring device, place the “0'' at the edge of your horse’s hoof and run it straight and level across the widest point of the hoof. Make sure the measuring device is snug against the side of the hoof. Record the width measurement or submit a photo.

* If your horse’s hoof width measurement is greater than the hoof length measurement, choose your horse’s Cavallo boot size in the Regular sole shape, based on width (not length) measurement.

Step 5 — Size Each Individual Hoof

Repeat the measuring process described above for all hooves you wish to size for Cavallo Hoof Boots.

TIP: Even on the same equine, not all hooves measure the same. It is always best to measure each individual hoof to obtain the most accurately sized boot for each foot.

Choosing your Sole Width
  • REGULAR SOLE: Length and width measurements are the same or fairly equal.
  • SLIM SOLE: For sizes 0-6, this sole is chosen when the sole width measurement is 6mm (1/4″) less than the length measurement (indicating a narrower hoof). If the width is more than two sizes narrower than the length, this sole may not be suitable.
  • Cavallo Hoof Boots are Easy to Fit!

    Simply insert hoof into boot. Secure Velcro® closures, and then secure outside closure(s) on the boot.

    Important Tips on Fitting
    • You should not have to force the boot on the horse’s hoof in any way. If you are having to force the boot on it is too small.
    • If the boot is rotating independently from the horse’s hoof it is too big. A wiggle is okay, because the hoof expands in weight-bearing and even further in movement.
    Simple Fitting Tips
    • TOO SMALL: If you have difficulty putting the boot on, it may be too small. Ideally the boot “pops'' nicely onto the hoof for a good fit. Please check your measurements against the chart above.
    • SOLE: The sole of the hoof should fit securely inside the boot sole. Ensure that the entire weight-bearing wall from front of toe to heel buttress sits within the boot outsole. It may be helpful to compare the outside raised tread area at the bottom of the boot to the weight-bearing length of the hoof sole (toe to buttress as per the diagram on the above measuring chart.
    • HOOF ON THE GROUND: Place your horse’s hoof firmly on the ground to fasten boot.
    • OUTER COVER: Ensure that the boot tongue is pushed firmly against the hoof. Draw the outer flaps firmly around the hoof, pressing the Velcro on the flaps against the Velcro on the tongue; keep taut and level.
    • TOO BIG: Pick the hoof up. If the boot twists or rotates excessively, it may be too big, or the outer cover may be loosely fastened. If the sole fits well but the upper portion of the boot is too large, consider the ELB or Trek styles as the outer flaps can be angled downward when fastening to adjust for an extra-snug fit on the upper. Some twisting is fine because the hoof is lifted, in its smallest position. When bearing the horse’s load it expands and may easily fill the boot.
    • CAVALLO PASTERN WRAPS and COMFORT SLEEVES may be used to assist in the breaking-in process or during injury to prevent chafing.

Single Boots Sold Individually.

Available in Black Regular Sole Sizes 1 - 4

We are one of the largest independent retailers of Cavallo in the UK & a verified premium stockist giving us access to the entire range. Our sales advisors all use these products on a daily basis so are able to offer you expert advice. If you need any assistance in selecting the right item for you or your horse please don't hesitate to contact us.