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Science Supplements are the UK's award winning supplier and manufacturer of horse feed and supplements.

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Science Supplements ProKalm Horse Calming Supplements

ProKalm - Horse Calming Supplements Rated the UK's Number 1 An innovation in helping horses perform to their potential Aid Concentration Available in a syringe or daily feed supplement 1.1kg...

Science Supplements FlexAbility Plus+ Joint Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Omega3 +

One of the most comprehensive joint supplements available in the UK The only joint supplement in the UK with a published, peer reviewed paper in The Journal of Equine Veterinary...

Science Supplements Gut Balancer Supplement

Supports gut health & aids digestion Balanced combination of Pre and Pro-Biotics Optimum levels of protected live yeast WINNER of the BETA International Innovation Awards 1.5kg tub gives 1 month...

Science Supplements Micronised Linseed Conditioner - Healthy Skin & Weight Gain Supplement

The benefits of feeding linseed to horseshave been appreciated for years. But it has not always been the mostpractical feed due to a lengthy preparation time of boiling before use.New...

Science Supplements FlexAbility Professional Joint Support

The highest specifiction joint supplement available in the UK Unique combination and optimum levels of scientifically proven ingredients Glucosamine HCl, Chondroitin Sulphate, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid (HA), DHA, EPA, Collagen Peptides,...

Science Supplements GastroKind Horse Gastric & Gut Support Supplement 5.6kg

Winner of the International Innovation Awards 2017 GastroKind is a natural, nutritional formula developed by the leading veterinary scientists, nutritionists and vets. The unique formula promotes a healthy gastric environment,...

Science Supplements SafeSalt Safe Salt Gentle Balanced Palatable Electrolytes - Easy Feeding

What is different about Safe Salt? Whilst salt and electrolytes can be added to the feed, horses often find these unpalatable and their granular nature means that it is easy...

Science Supplements Muscle Builder Supports Muscle Growth & Repair

Contains the key amino acids to support muscle development Supports muscle repair and recovery after exercise Promotes muscle strength, power and stamina 830g tub gives approximately 1 month supply Our...