Omega Equine have over 30 years of Scientific research and a lifetime of studying physical and mental behaviour of equines. CEO Paul Ainsworth has researched particularly the most beneficial ingredients and how they work together to optimise equine health.

Their Products have been designed using the best ingredients sourced and are manufactured in their own UFAS and BETA NOPS accredited factory.

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Omega Equine Ultra Oil 6 Nutritious Oils Energy Performance Condition Supplement

A super supplement packed with six nutritious oils for optimum energy performance and conditioning. The benefits of supplementing oil in a horse’s diet are well known; excellent for conditioning, energy,...

Omega Equine Rosehips Supplement Equine Health Rich in Iron Vitamin C and Biotin

A sweet-smelling supplement for equine health, rich in Iron, Vitamin C and Biotin. The saying, ‘coming up roses’, is definitely relevant for this sweet-smelling supplement. Rosehips, the fruit of the...

Omega Equine Rice Conditioning Feed Stamina Skin and Coat High Oil and Omega 3 20kg

A daily feed topper which maintains excellent condition and stamina. Omega Rice is an extremely palatable, stabilised rice bran and linseed pellet. High in oil, fatty acid omega 3 and...

Omega Equine B12 Boost Pick Me Up Supplement For Increased Energy Level Support

Complex B vitamins are a valuable resource to the body and can be added to equine diet through plants, as well as being synthesized naturally within the body. However, one...

Omega Equine ASU Extra 6,000 + HA MSM Equine Joint and Mobility Support Supplement

ASU, also known as Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiables, is a natural vegetable extract consisting of one-third avocado oil and two-thirds soybean oil. This powerful ingredient is not widely known; however, studies...

Omega Equine Aloe Vera Juice Super Food General Health Supplement Tonic 1/5/25L

Omega Aloe Vera Juice contains 100% pure, highest grade, certified organic inner leaf Aloe Vera, with less than 1% food grade preservatives. Aloe Vera could be considered a super food;...

Omega Equine Zencalm Calmer Supplement Calms Stress Anxiety Excitable Behaviour

Helping equines manage stress and anxiety for level-headed performance. With increased competition pressure, travelling and stable time, modern equines don’t just need physical support, they also require mental support too....

Omega Equine Vitamin E Extra With Selenium and Lysine Muscle and Respiratory Health

A natural Vitamin E supplement for ultimate muscle health. An essential supplement for healthy growth, immunity, and muscle performance Equines don't naturally produce Vitamin E, despite being essential for health....