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Boots, magnet and massage therapy products, supplements and stirrup leathers on Cork Farm Equestrians online store.

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Equilibrium International Charger for New Silver Grey 2016+ Massage Pad and Mitts

Power up with the Equilibrium International Charger, suitable for powering the battery for the Equilibrium Massage Pad, Massage Mitt and Massage Mitt Hotspot.High performance charger designed so you can use...

Equilibrium Crunchits Healthy Horse Fruit and Veg Treats Low Sugar and Low Calorie

Naturally healthy, low sugar, bite-sized horse treats providing a wonderful variety of flavours, texture and aromas that horses and ponies love.Made with strawberry, beetroot, parsnip, carrot, banana, pea and spinach,...

Equilibrium Tri-Zone All Sports AllSport Boot Event XC Schooling Jumping Boots

One of the most versatile boots on the market. Designed to be the perfect all-rounder and suitable for all disciplines from endurance and racing, to dressage, jumping, hacking, and even...

Equilibrium SYMMETRY Lower Leg Training Aid Straps Correct Rider Leg Position

A Simple and Effective Lower Leg Training Aid Symmetry Straps are a simple idea designed to help riders develop a feel for the correct leg position in the saddle and...

Equilibrium Field Relief MIDI UV Face Protection Padded Fly and Insect Mask XXS-XL

An extremely comfortable horse fly mask without ears that is perfect for horses and ponies who dislike wearing fly masks and/or tend to remove them in the field. Screens out...

Equilibrium Field Relief MAX UV Full Protection Padded Fly & Insect Mask Medium SALE

A full face horse fly mask that combines the best of protection against sun and insects with carefully designed features to provide exceptional comfort for the horse. Protects from sunburn...
£34.99 £27.95

Equilibrium Crunchits Berries and Cherries Low Sugar and Low Calorie Horse Treats

The original low sugar, molasses free horse treats and suitable for horses prone to laminitis, now with new natural fruit flavours your horse or pony will love: Strawberry. Cranberry. Cherry....

Equilibrium Vitamunch Healthy Horse Treat Supplement Hedgerow Meadow 5x1kg Block

The healthy snack that’s good to treat Vitamunch is a unique healthy, tasty, high fibre, low calorie, low sugar, cereal free snack that your horse or pony can enjoy at...