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Boots, magnet and massage therapy products, supplements and stirrup leathers on Cork Farm Equestrians online store.

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Equilibrium Tri-Zone ALLSPORTS All Sport BOOT Event XC Jumping Boots

Equilibrium Tri-Zone ALLSPORTS All Sport BOOT Event XC Jumping Boots One of the most versatile boots on the market. Designed to be the perfect all-rounder and suitable for all disciplines...

Equilibrium MASSAGE PAD Horse Back Circulation Muscle Relaxation/ Warmup Pony, Standard or XL

Equilibrium Products Equine Massage Pad A lightweight and portable massage pad, clinically proven to improve back flexibility and promote relaxation. Battery operated 30-minute sessions – give your pony a massage...

Equilibrium SYMMETRY Lower Leg Training Aid Straps Correct Rider Leg Position

A Simple and Effective Lower Leg Training Aid Symmetry Straps are a simple idea designed to help riders develop a feel for the correct leg position in the saddle and...

Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Flatwork Wraps Supportive Dressage

Breathable Horse Leg WrapsComfortable, breathable horse leg wraps suitable for flatwork schooling and hacking well established and balanced horses, that need light support and protection. Protects against minor knocks and...

Equilibrium Net Relief Head Shaking Muzzle Nose Net for Cavesson or Flash Bridle

One of the most effective products in controlling the symptoms of headshaking. Improved the symptoms of  79% of headshaking sufferers in clinical trials at De Montfort University Contoured mesh for comfortable fit over...

EQUILIBRIUM HOOK CLEANER BRUSH for velco adhesive straps

The Hook Cleaner Brush is a perfect additionto any horse stable yard. Easily removes dirt, debris, arena surface and hair from the adhesive straps. Prolongs the life of your horse boots,...

Equilibrium Stretch & Flex TRAINING WRAPS Supportive Dressage

Breathable Horse Support BootsPliable and flexible breathable horse support boots, allows the horse to move freely, while still benefiting from effective support. Soft & comfortable horse support boots, ideal for...

Equilibrium Equi-Chaps STABLE CHAPS Wicking Stable Wraps Boots

Soft and durable, Equi-Chaps Stable Chaps to help keep legs warm, dry and protected in the stable. The chaps completely encase the lower leg to help protect from scuffs and...