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The "TR" range is designed specifically for training. The training range has all the horses needs in mind but is at a much more affordable price. These entry level boots are not exclusively for use at home however. Their functional design ensures that they are just as suitable for use at competitions, hacking out or just about anywhere you feel the need to protect your horses legs.

Protecting a horses legs is a tricky business. With some boots causing more damage than they protect the horse from - overheating, rubbing, chafing and restriction of movement are just some of the reasons that many riders may try not to use boots. The TRC VENTO have a dual density shell which is super strong and really helps to prevent brushing, none of the tough outer ever comes into contact with the horses leg - ensuring that rubbing and chafing is a low risk. The inner liner extends out around the outer shell and is soft yet still tough.

The front boots offer extra protection to the tendons and ligaments running down the back leg. The anatomically shaped outer shell also includes a an anti-shock carbon pad & 3D mesh ducted fabric for ventilation. This is the key area for brushing - this extra protection prevents damage to this area and helps to protect the leg further.

The boots have two velcro closures. This velcro closure is set on a tough elastic that allows the boot to give when riding yet still holds the boot tight. The velcro wraps around the leg and then is covered over by a double lock system, ensuring the boot cannot come undone during wear.

Add to all of these functions, the Veredus boots are waterproof. This means they can be used in water, rain or wet environments without any added weight. The boots are also fully machine washable. They are easy to keep clean and are exceptionally light weight.

VEREDUS TRC-VENTO is the first splint boot that guarantees double ventilation. The heat released from the horse’s leg passes through the microperforated neoprene layer and is then distributed in the 3D mesh ducted fabric. Air is tunnelled through specialist air inlets during movement of the horse which directs accumulated body heat outwards through the technical ducted fabric. Ventilation is therefore horizontal–from the inside outwards - and vertical - from the bottom upwards: an innovative technology, never tried before.

Veredus are renowned for their innovative boot collection, which is trusted by top professional riders and serious amateurs alike. Veredus Carbon Gel Boots have been designed in conjunction with top show jumper Marcus Ehning and combines his vast knowledge in the saddle with the brand's technical experience and contemporary materials.

Available in Black or Brown in Medium (16hh-17hh approx) or Large (17hh+ approx)

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