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We would consider the loose ring to be one of the best style of cheek for disciplines requiring sensitive contact through the reins, such as dressage. 

The ring-shaped cheek pieces are attached to the bit by running through holes bored into the ends of the mouthpiece, allowing the mouthpiece to move freely in relation to the rings. This allows the mouthpiece to move more independently with the tongue and jaw movements of the horse, even when the reins are maintaining pressure on the bit. 

This is generally considered an advantage in disciplines like dressage in that it encourages a relaxed jaw and mobile tongue.

Some horses can find this freedom overly stimulating and get too playful with the bit. This is noticeably increased when there is little consistency in the rein contact which unstabilizes the bit.

The rings are also able to swivel freely in a lateral direction, allowing for clear direct rein aids, which is particularly useful with young horses.  Most cheeks used in snaffle bits are able to swivel laterally, but as the name suggests, the loose ring has the least resistance.

Bits with a flexible mouthpiece can be used for all horses but are especially suitable for young horses and horses with sensitive mouths.

Bits with a flexible mouthpiece can be used for all horses/ponies. They have proven to be more suited to the young and more sensitive.

The plastic is FDA approved, which means that the material is non-toxic and contains no plasticisers. Although Plastic these bits are very sturdy due to the use of it's flexible stainless steel core.


Often considered to be a mild alternative. Using pressure on the tongue instead of the more sensitive bars.

For that reason the mullen mouth is not typically a bit that will aid in any lateral flexion. More often suited to those who pleasure ride, young horses, after dental work or sensitive mouthed horses.

Because of the lack of joint, there is no possible nutcracker or pinching effect in the mouth. making it a milder option for horses with sensitive palates.

The combination of a softer material in the mouth with it's curved shape, allows the pressure on the bit to be distributed more evenly in the mouth.

Single joint

The jointed action allows the rider to put pressure on one side of the mouth more than the other, and hence have better control over the lateral flexion of the horse.

With the single jointed snaffle, there is a certain amount of nutcracker action that can occur with greater pressure on the reins. This pinches the tongue. Horse's with a low palate (or a larger tongue) can also put pressure on the roof of the mouth, causing discomfort and possibly leading to resistance by opening the mouth. This action is accentuated by thinner bits, and can be alleviated somewhat by a shaped mouthpiece or a double jointed snaffle.

Available in Stainless Steel in 4.5, 5" or 5.5".

Please note that bits which have had the tags removed or have been in contact with the horses mouth cannot be returned for health & safety reasons.

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