Refreshing gel with calendula and seaweed

Toning and refreshing gel for horse’s legs, recommended after every intense work-out, in all cases of muscle and tendon fatigue.

The cool-down, all that practices to bring the horse back to the correct parameters (temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate) is one of the most important practices to ensure that the training is successful and the horse has no grievances in the following days.

Tendons subjected to particular strains also need care and for this reason Veredus has created Ice Gel, a refreshing gel based on calendula and seaweed.

Ice Gel has to be massaged on the tendons after the competition or training.

Your horse will get great relief and benefit from these attentions that will help him get rid of tendon and muscle fatigue more quickly.

Ice Gel is a product of the Veredus Bio Care Line which, to help the horse cool down and decongestion, also offers Cool Clay, a particular clay based on Dead Sea salts.

Available in 500ml.

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