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Hi Gloss is the ‘Top Pick’ by the esteemed Horse JournalMagazine for horse grooming and finishing sprays.

Hi Gloss is a light,oil based spray perfect for defining muscles and dramatically highlightingfeatures. It adds superior shine and luster in seconds. Hi Gloss alsoconditions hair as well as adding incredible shine to the horse’s coat, maneand tail. 

"Forsheer show-ring glow, we don’t think you can beat Shapley’s Hi Gloss FinishingSpray. This aerosol-based spray is perfect for just before you enter the ringand our top pick."


Hi Gloss is excellentfor adding dramatic shine just prior to entering the show ring. It accentuatesall colors of horses. If used as part of a daily grooming routine it will keepskin and hair supple and conditioned. 

Hi Gloss spray is easyto use. Hold the aerosol can 12 inches from horse and spray a light, even coat.You can also spray on a towel to gently wipe on horse’s head to accentuateeyes, nostrils and ears. Spray lightly throughout tail to give it depth and highlightsto catch and reflect light.



[if !supportLists]·       [endif]Sprayhair evenly from a distance of 8-12 inches.

[if !supportLists]·       [endif]Applyingmany light coats of Hi Gloss and allowing to dry between applications will givebetter results that one heavy application.

[if !supportLists]·       [endif]Avoidspraying mane or tail hair to be braided or banded.

[if !supportLists]·       [endif]Spray HiGloss on your hands or a towel to apply to horse’s face, ears or around eyes.

[if !supportLists]·       [endif]Bring atowel with you to give one final wipe on the horse before heading into the ringto remove any last minute dust that may have been attracted by the light oilfinishing spray.

[if !supportLists]·       [endif]Hi Glossmakes a great conditioner of dry or damaged hair if used regularly.

Available in 340ml.

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