NutriScience Nutrilyte Syringe

Electrolytes are essential to both horses and humans.

At their most basic level electrolytes are a combination of salts and minerals that are useNutriLyte-Group-300x187d for chemical processes within the body’s cells.

When a horse becomes dehydrated after strenuous exercise or exposure to heat, it has lost critical fluids and electrolytes. Simply providing water is inadequate as this alone will not replace electrolytes. It may actually dilute them, leading to overhydration.

The horse needs to be supplied electrolytes and then provided with an adequate water supply.

NutriLyte Horse Electrolyte Replacement Supplement contains sodium chloride and potassium in the same ratio as is lost in sweat. NutriLyte contains easily absorbed carbohydrates it replaces energy much faster and can therefore be used during, and immediately after, exercise.

NutriLyte can help with rapid restoration of energy, Increased performance in hot conditions and reduced debilitation during transportation.

Always provide free access to water when administering NutriLyte.

NutriLyte Horse Electrolyte Replacement Supplement contains the following ingredients (per kg):

Sodium Chloride 88gm

Sodium Citrate 45gm

Potassium Chloride 50gm

MonoPotassium Phosphate 13gm

Vitamin C 7.5gm

Maltodextrin 790gm

Apple Flavour

Available in 60ml (Sold in packs of 2.)

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