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A chifney is a very simple contraption.

A chifney can be extremely severe if used inappropriately. The metal is very thin and rests on the horse’s tongue. It discourages the horse from pulling against the mouthpiece. Can be a very useful piece of equipment if used correctly and cautiously. It will not cause the horse any pain if it does not pull against the chifney.

When it may be necessary to use a chifney:-

Rearing – A chifney is often called an anti rearing bit. It discourages the horse from rearing. Due to the combined poll and tongue pressure.

Stallions – A chifney can be used successfully with stallions where more control is required than from an ordinary head collar.

Horses that do not load – A chifney can be used for horses who strongly protest to load into a lorry or trailer.

Horses that are strong to lead – A chifney may be used to lead a horse that is strong as a last resort. A horse that learns to pull away,can relearn in a chifney.

Cautions – A chifney can be very severe if in the wrong hands.

Benefits – It can help overcome problems.

If you are unsure about the chifney we do stock the LeMieux Control Halter which is a safer and less severe alternative for leading the head strong horse and is a great re training aid.

Available in Stainless Steel in 4.5", 5", 5.5" or 6".

Please note that bits which have had the tags removed or have been in contact with the horses mouth cannot be returned for health & safety reasons.

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