This amazing anti-itch soap with its soothing formula helps to relieve many skin irritations and can aid in the treatment of itchy mane, tail and skin. This all-natural product contains many essential oils and has been successful in preventing fly and parasitic irritation.

It is used to fight against itching caused by Culicoides (small flies, wet meadows), horseflies, houseflies, scabies (microscopic mites), tinea (highly contagious fungus), strongyles (larvae of intestinal origin) and grubs (larvae of large flies).

This is a simple, fast, effective, natural and non-toxic wash which effectively fights against these pests but also protects and strengthens the hair shine which facilitates untangling and thoroughly cleans the skin.

Made from 100% vegetable cold pressed oils like all the many essential ingredients of natural origin that are composed of first quality and also used for human use and does not contain chemical preservatives.

Store in a cool dry place.

Available in 100g.

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