The JHL Loose Ring French Link Thin Snaffle Bit features loose rings which make a more mobile bit than an eggbutt or fixed cheek, which should encourage your horse to keep a relaxed jaw and mouth the bit.

Useful if your horse leans on the bit as it is always movable so the horse cannot take hold as easily as they could with a fixed cheek.

Best suited to horses with large mouths, the french link reduces the nutcracker action and pinching on the horse's tongue which encourages it to relax. This thinner type of mouthpiece is not as mild as the standard size as the pressure is distributed over a smaller area, it may be useful if your horse has large fleshy lips or tongue and therefore less room in the mouth for a thicker bit.

Available in 5", 5.5" or 6"

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Please note that bits which have had the tagsremoved or have been in contact with the horses mouth cannot be returned forhealth & safety reasons.

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