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Curry Comb:
Useful curry comb with a hand strap, complete with an embroidered LittleRider logo. 12.4 x 8.5cm

Body Brush:
Body brush featuring unicorn and rainbow design with Little Riderembroidered on the hand strap. Pink and navy two-tone bristles contrastwith the fun detailing. 13.9 x 6.9cm

Dandy Brush:
Pink and navy two tone bristles contrast with this brushes fun unicorn and rainbow design.14 x 5cm

Face Brush:
This colourful face brush features the fun unicorn and rainbow design which contrasts with the pink and navy two-tone bristles.13.9 x 6.9cm

Hoof Pick:
Handy hoof pick with Little Rider logo and fun unicorn design. Featuring a stainless steel hoof pick and a two-tone hoof brush. 16 x 8.5cm

Mane Comb:
Handy mane comb featuring the Little Rider logo and fun unicorn and rainbow design. 9.5 x 5.3cm

Available in Navy/Pink With The unicorn and rainbow design is featured on the top ofthe brush.

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