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Coligone Powder is a soothing digestive supplement designed to be administered daily with feed.

Contains active natural ingredients, including FOS and MOS prebiotics to support a healthy digestive tract.

Administering Coligone Powder on a daily basismaintains a healthy digestive system and may combat bloated, gassy ortucked up tummies brought about by stress.

A combination of Yea sacc and MOS/FOS Prebioticsencourage hind gut fermentation and actively stimulate fibre digesters,leading to effective fibre digestion.

Seaweed buffer and sodium bicarbonate help maintain healthy gastric acid levels and support a balanced digestive tract.

Helps to maintain healthy acid levels in the gut andmay be used during periods where d isturbance of the microflora hasoccurred within the digestive tract.

Can assist with problems caused by raised acid levelssuch as wind sucking, tucking up, grumpy behaviour and poor performancein competition horses.

Improves coat condition, brightens eyes and encourages weight maintenance.

Fed daily to nourish the gut and to support healthy gastric acid levels in the digestive tract.

Contains 1 months supply of Coligone Powder for horsesover 14.2hh or 2 months supply for foals/youngstock and ponies under14.2hh

Contains natural active ingredients, including aSeaweed Buffer to assist with excess gastric acid. FOS & MOSprebiotics, and yea sacc to help maintain a healthy balanced digestivesystem.

Ideal for use when travelling or competing to maintain acidity levels in the gut caused by stress.

Contains NO BANNED SUBSTANCES and is suitable for competing under rules.

Excellent for use in elderly horses or those prone to digestive upsets brought about by stress

  • Race horses
  • Competition horses
  • Horses experiencing stress due to travelling, weaning, change in environments etc)
  • Elderly horses.
  • Sick horses or those recovering from surgery which require assistance from their feed.
  • Helps finicky feeders and encourages a healthy appetite.

If you’re using this product, you may be interested inusing our new liquid feed balancer MultiVit Pro which is designed to befed alongside Coligone Powder.

Directions For Use:

For horses 50g  of Coligone Powder to be mixed with feed and fed twice daily.

For ponies feed 25g of Coligone Powder mixed with feed and fed twice daily.

Perhaps  consider feeding Coligone Fibre Cubes alongside for full fibre diet

Available in a 3kg Tub

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