TubTrug Red Gorilla Flexible Plastic Bucket Lid.

New Tubtops® fitted lids are a great way to adapt your Tubtrugs® for storing pet food, fruit or vegetables, bird seed and more.

These lids fit sturdily to make your Tubtrugs® STACKABLE!

Made in the U.S.A. from food-grade material.

Three sizes to choose from.

Weight: Small 200g, Medium 400g, Large 600g

Diameter: Small 34cm, Medium 40.5cm, Large 46cm 

Available in Large to fit the range of TubTrug Red Gorilla Flexible Tubs.

We are one of the largest independent retailers of Faulksand Cox Red Gorilla in the UK & a verified premium stockist giving usaccess to the entire range. Our sales advisors all use these products on adaily basis so are able to offer expert advice. If you need any assistance inselecting the right item for you or your horse please don't hesitate to contactus.