Sealtex is the only bandage which is completely unaffected by water. It does not absorb water whatsoever, so no weight is added to your horse's leg when in use. It is a self sealing bandage without a weave or mesh to become clogged with mud.

Ideal for wrapping nosebands or bits.

A self-sealing race bandage that will not cling to skin or hair and does not absorb water.

Suitable for bandaging and repair jobs, it is stretchy and sticks to itself but also has a rubber like quality making it more tacky for stirrups.

Also excellent for wrapping round nosebands and other saddlery items to protect your horse when extra care is needed.

Used as bit wrap it gives the horse a soft feel with no cold bit in their mouth and is great after any dental work.

In the cold weather, Sealtex Latex Bandage goes into a very cold state, just like you do. Sealtex is always good.  It never goes 'off'.


To bring it back to life: Take it out of the green outer box. Put it in your pocket and bring it to body temperature. It will stick again. If not sticking, it is still not warm enough.


If you are in a hurry: Take the Sealtex out of the green box  and place it on a plate in your micro-wave. Due to the variable temperatures of micro-waves, start with just 2 seconds. Add time and power as needed to get it to room temperature. Remember micro-waves work from the inside out. It might be ready to use on the INSIDE but not on the outside. Then, warm in your pocket.


Sealtex never goes out of date.  Sealtex is 100% natural latex, straight from the rubber tree.

Available in 3" width x 36" length

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