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[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE Anextremely hard wearing boot that offers safe protection from over reachinjuries. The carefully designed shape of this innovative boot minimizes therisk of an accident resulting from the horse treading on the boot.

    • Ideal for high impact sports or extra protection during turnout
    • Carefully designed and shaped for the perfect fit
    • Super tough strike guard to protect the heel area.
    • Anti-spin heel button
    • Waterproof and rot proof
    • Easy to wash, easy to wear
    • Sold in pairs

It’s thelittle design features that makes the Tri-ZoneHorse Over Reach boots a popular tack room staple. Featuring ananti-spin heel button, a robust Kevlar type material strike pad and shaped heelareas for the perfect fit and maximum protection.

They arethe preferred choice of many international riders and are suitable for a widerange of uses from show jumping, cross country, hacking and turnout.

Availablein two adjustable sizes to suit a vast array of horses and ponies.

Testing of the Over ReachBoots.

Asriders, we protect our most vital areas (head and torso) withriding hats, body protectors and more recently air jackets. Rider protectiveequipment is subjected to extensive testing to meet standards and regulationsand we believe that as a vital part of your horse, protective boots for yourhorse’s legs should undergo a similar testing process.

Tri-Zone Horse Over Reach boots go through a unique 3-phase testing process, whichgives you confidence when choosing protection for your horse. Materials arecarefully selected to provide maximum protection but without being bulky orheavy.

What Materials Do We Use?

Protectionis concentrated where it is needed, at the heel.  This area is madefrom non-PVC Kevlar type fabric,which is exceptionally tough and highly resistant to abrasion.

The outerfabric is ballistic PU Nylon. This material is hard-wearing, waterproof androt-proof, which makes these boots long lasting.

The inner layer of EVA foam isused as a shock absorber in the Tri-Zone Over Reach boots.

EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) is a material which istough and flexible even at low temperatures. It has a number of uses in variousdifferent states and forms including in ski boots, bicycle saddles, hockeypads, wakeboard boots and shock absorbers in sports shoes.

What is the TestingProcess?

Testing Phase 1

In thesame laboratory that test standards of riding hats and body protectors, Tri-Zone Over Reach boots aresafety tested to their limits for their ability to withstand concussion andpenetration.

For concussion and penetration thetesting is carried out using a custom made test rig consisting of a tower fromwhich either a blunt hammer or a cutting blade is dropped onto the bootsin a controlled fashion. The weight of the blade and hammer are fixed anddifferent forces are applied to the boots by varying the height from which theywere dropped onto the boots. Boots were hit with forces ranging from 1.25 to 20Joules. These forces were chosen as being those likely to occur in the horseduring exercise, for example when hitting obstacles or over-reaching. Here weused a carrot at 5 joules to replicate the soft tissue in a horses’ leg hittingan obstacle.

Addingeven small amounts of weight tothe end of the leg in the form of a boot significantly increases the effort thehorse must make to run and can also alter the stride characteristics. Someboots can double in weight if the horse is being exercised in the rain, on wetground or going through water. This can seriously affect stamina andperformance. We design and test our boots to minimise water absorption,excess weight but without compromising on protection.

Testing Phase 2 

The bootsthen undergo trials by an extensivetester panel of horse owners and riders who test them for the fit,comfort, ease of use and washing to ensure we have not only a safe product butone that people can easily use and trust.

Testing Phase 3

Finallythe boots go through the rigorous test of being used all day, every day on busycompetition yards by teams of professionalriders. The Tri-Zone Over Reach boots are worn eitherat home or at competitions by an array of Olympic riders, world champions andtop producers.

Available in Black in S/M (Pony/Cob) or L/XL (Cob/Horse)

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