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Smart and durable 1.8 metre nylon lead rope with a rubber collar and end cuff. Comfortable to hold and use with good grip.
Suitable for use in all weathers.

Tested by Dr David Marlin, on a Test Rig under controlled conditions, to work with the Equilibrium Stellar Headcollar to ensure consistency with the required release points.

This is important because 75% of accidents happen when the horse was tied up (survey of 5,615 respondents).

The handy stop ‘cuff’ gives the end of the rope extra grip, while the ‘chunky’ rubber collar near the clip end of the rope enables the handler to maintain a good grip of the lead rope under the horse’s head. These lead rope are also really smart so perfect for every day or use at shows.

Available in Black, Brown or Navy in 1.8 metre length

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