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Simplyirresistible Healthy Horse Supplement

Makes dull feeds yummy and supports a happy tummy

Simplyirresistible digestion support is a delicious supplement and treat made of natural vegetables rich in antioxidants with added probiotics, designed to liven up mealtimes, feed as a treat and support a healthy gut.

  • Can be sprinkled on top of hard feed, chaff or forage to add flavour and varietyto dull everyday feeds
  • Feed with medication, wormers or supplements to make more palatable & aid digestion
  • High in fibre, cereal free with no added sugar
  • Full of natural plant antioxidants
  • Added probioticto support digestive health
  • With carrot, parsnip, pea, courgette and beetroot

Manufactured under the BETA NOPS scheme

Simplyirresistible Virtuous Vegetables is a mixture of carrots, beetroot, peas, parsnip and courgette with a proven probiotic to support digestive health and help them get the most out of its feed.  This healthy horse supplement and treat is carefully made by selecting ingredients that combine great flavours, aromas and textures ensures that your horse gets maximum enjoyment at meal times.

Composition:  lucerne, high temperature dried; grass high temperature dried; carrot, dried (15%); peas, dried (5.7%), parsnips, dried (4.5%); courgette, dried (2.4%); beetroot, dried (2.4%); rapeseed oil.

Ideal for good doers on restricted diets, to tempt picky eaters to eat up, add to medicines & supplements, treat to horses and ponies on box rest or standing in, add to feed balls as an ideal size mix or simply feed as a delicious treat.  

A 1.5kg pack lasts 30 days based on a daily serving of 50 grams.


Why is variety in the horse’s diet important?

The horse evolved as a browsing herbivore, covering a great distance each day whilst nibbling at the variety of grasses and shrubs on the way. Horses like to select their food, but in modern feeding, diets tend to remain the same mix of forage and hard feed, and in doing so, the variety they are hard wired to look for, is restricted.

Will adding simplyirresistible affect my horse’s diet?

simplyirresistible is a healthy feed topping, with small typical feed rates of between 50 and 100g per day. Each simplyirresistiblevariety is packed full of a variety of delicious tastes and textures, is full of natural plant antioxidants and contains a proven probiotic with proven efficacy in the horse designed to support digestive health and help the horse get the most out of its feed.

How do these products compare to real fruit and veg?

Both apples and carrots are largely water meaning that only about 10% is actual nutrients.
Fresh fruit and veg are undoubtedly succulent but this means they do not store for any length of time.
With simplyirresistible you have the advantage of supplying more fibre, antioxidants and probiotics per mouthful, supplied by a wide variety of tastes and textures from the different ingredients that comes with a long shelf life.
The table below compares additions of simplyirresistble with a carrot or apple (a typical carrot weighs about 130g and a typical large apple 240g.)

  Simplyirresistible Five fabulous fruits (50g) Simplyirresistible virtuous vegetables (50g) One Carrot (130g) One Apple (240g)
Water content 5g 5g 117g 210g
Crude Fibre content 9g 9g 12g 7g
Sugar content 13g 8g 5g 23g
Starch content 1g 3g 0.4g Trace
Antioxidant Wide variety of plant sources Single plant source Single plant source
Probiotic Yes No No

What is an antioxidant?

An antioxidant is a substance that counteracts disruptive free radicals in the body. More free radicals are produced when the body is under any kind of stress, and so antioxidants are an all-important part of maintaining the health of our and our horse’s bodies.
Antioxidants come in a wide variety of forms; commonly added to feed are vitamins E, C and selenium. Plants are an excellent source of a wide variety of antioxidants, produced to help protect them from direct exposure to the sun’s rays. The terms carotenoids, xanthophylls, polyphenols, flavonoids, flavanols, anthocyanins, tocopherols, reservatrol, curcuminoids all describe different kinds of plant antioxidants.

What is a probiotic?

Probiotics for horses are microbial preparations, usually yeast, that when added to the diet helps promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system.

The probiotic in simplyirresistible is a live yeast that helps maintain gut health by stimulating the growth of healthy microbial populations particularly in the fibre-digesting large intestine. This has been proven in research to improve digestive efficiency. A healthy large intestine or hindgut is important since it comprises two-thirds of the horse’s digestive capacity and can be adversely affected by dietary change.

Can I feed simplyirresistible fruit and vegetable treats to laminitics?

Laminitis is a complex systemic condition that manifests itself in the foot with the acute lameness. Dietary management rightly centres on weight control, maximising fibre and limiting starch and sugar intakes but can mean a very restricted and basic diet for animals prone to the condition. A small sprinkle or handful of simplyirresistible will only add a few grammes of sugar and trace amounts of starch, whilst brightening up a small and boring feed offering. 50g of simplyirresistible Five Fabulous Fruits and Virtuous Vegetable Variety provide about 14g and 11g of starch and sugar respectively. By comparison 500g of a low starch and sugar pellet or chaff would supply about 100gof starch and sugar. Additionally the probiotic in simplyirresistible helps support healthy large intestine function, which is key in the management of such animals.

Is simplyirresistible heating?

The term heating is often used to describe feeds that can make horses or ponies excitable. For instance feeds high in cereals are often attributed to having a heating effect. Such excitability could be due in part to an increase in dietary energy supply, a reduction in fibre supply, or a simple rush of rapidly available carbohydrate into the bloodstream. In all cases these effects are usually observed at feed intakes of several kilos per day.
Simplyirrestistible is typically fed at 50-100g per day, so at a much lower rate than feeds. The fruit and vegetable components do add some sugar to the diet but this is at such a very low level that is unlikely to have a heating effect.

Can I feed simplyirresistible to other animals?

simplyirresistible is designed as a healthy treat for horses, but you may be tempted to tempt animals in your care. Indeed the fruits and vegetables used are tasty and can be offered to many different animals. However the probiotic we use is only authorised for use in horses, pigs and ruminants.

Can simplyirresistible replace a probiotic supplement?

We use a probiotic that has specific authorisation for use in the horse. It is included in simplyirresistible so that the full daily probiotic recommendation is received when 100g is fed. This means it can be used instead of other yeast-based probiotic supplements.
If you are already using a probiotic supplement, you could consider reducing it, although any extra supply is unlikely to be harmful.

What is the shelf life unopened?

simplyirresistible is packed in airtight packaging, and when stored in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, has a shelf life of twelve months.

Once opened how long will the pack last?

After use, reseal the bag tightly, and the bag will last for up to 90 days. If the product is exposed to direct sunlight there may be some discolouring of ingredients.

Available in 1.5kg or 6kg.

Please note that the scoop pictured is not included.

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