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A unique fly mask specially designed for ridden work, protecting the horse’s face, eyes and ears from flies and strong sunlight

  • Provides an effective barrier for flies and biting insects
  • Attaches quickly and easily to the bridle,
  • Provides over 65% UV protection
  • Excellent clearance over the eyes and eyelashes for a superbly comfortable fit and excellent visibility
  • Ideal for all ridden work allowing your horse to concentrate on working, rather than on flies and bright sunlight
  • Can be left in place on the bridle when tacking up and untacking
  • Approved by British Showjumping and British Dressage for use in competition **Nose nets and Equilibrium Net Relief Riding Masks (or similar) are permitted and must be discreetly coloured i.e. the same/similar colour to the horse. Masks or nose nets should cover the face/nose only, leaving the mouth and bit visible. Face masks/nose nets are not permitted under Fei rules, which may be applied to certain competitions in the UK.
Note: The Net Relief Riding Mask can be worn together with the Net Relief Muzzle Net to help relieve the symptoms of head shaking.

Please bear in mind your own safety and that of your horse at all times. Ensure you have the correct size before referring to the size guide. Attach the mask to the bridle before fitting the bridle onto the horse.

Step 1:

Tie the elastic cords to the headpiece of the bridle in a good double bow.

Step 2:

Attach the velcro bands under the noseband straps (not the cheekpiece straps) so that the velcro band is under the strap and the mesh is on top of the leather. Press the velcro down very firmly to ensure it is secure.

Step 3:

Put the bridle on your horse in the normal way and gently pull your horse’s ears into the ear pockets as you place the headpiece over your horse’s head.

Check that the mesh is clear of the horse’s eyes and eyelashes, and that the horse can open and shut its eyes normally.

Smooth down all the edges so that they are flush with the leather straps.

Handy Tip:

You may wish to rub the binding with fly repellent (remember to avoid getting fly repellent in the horse’s eyes).

Available in XS-XL in Black

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