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The munch net is a cute small hole net perfect to serve vitamunch and munch snacks to your horse or pony.

  • Specially designed to hold a munch block
  • Hang in the stable or lorry or trailer when you are out and about
  • Boredom Breaker
  • Prolongs the eating of vitamunch and munch snacks
This small hole haynet enables you to use your vitamunch or calmmunch fibre blocks when travelling your horse in the horse box or trailer. Popping the munch blocks into our munch nets also means you can use the blocks whilst your horse is tied up on the yard for the farrier, vet, physio or just for a groom and they will be kept occupied whilst also getting a great healthy snack.

Horses are born snackers – it’s how their digestive system works best. Unfortunately they don’t always get the opportunity to snack as much as they would like or need to.

Our munch net is designed with the whole munch range in mind. Big enough to fit any 1kg Vitamunch Marvellous Meadow, Vitamunch Heavenly Hedgerow, Calmmunch, Fleximunch or Hoofmunch. The munch net helps prolong eating time keeping your horse happier for longer.

Horses are trickle feeders which mean they would naturally spend 75% of their time eating. This ensures their digestive system works best but sometimes daily routine or weight issues may mean their diet is restricted.

Being an animal that is used to constant food means that it produces acid regardless of whether there is food or not, however acid-buffering saliva is only produced when the horse chews. The continual production of gastric acid with only limited amounts of saliva is thought to lie behind the development of certain stereotypical behaviours and gastric ulcers. The whole digestive system works at its most efficient when there is a supply of fibre.

Feeding a munch in a munch net ensures the feeding process is slowed down and therefore allowing a trickle of food into the stomach encouraging the natural digestive process.

Available in Blue, Pink, Purple or Red.

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