A long-lasting and comfortable fly mask that forms an effective barrier from flies and sun rays.

  • Fits very comfortably over the horse’s head.
  • Screens out over 70% of harmful UV rays
  • Provides excellent clearance for eyes and eyelashes.
  • Soft padding at the brow and noseband prevents rubbing.
  • Adjustable fastenings under the cheeks and behind the ears ensure the perfect fit.
  • Ideal for all horses but particularly those that suffer from eye problems and need to wear a protective mask for long periods.
  • Soft stretch binding to prevent flies and insects getting in underneath the mask

By sourcing quality fabrics, our Field Relief Midi Fly Mask is long-lasting and carefully designed to fit a range of horses.

The Midi Fly Mask is designed to be as comfortable as possible, as often fly masks are worn for large periods of the day. It also seemed fitting to ensure that the masks have UV protection as parts of the face are particularly susceptible to sunburn, even in darker horses.

The Midi Fly Mask offers fly protection to the eyes and face. The adjustable fastenings under the cheeks and behind the ears ensure the perfect fit and stop any nasty insects getting inside the mask. There is soft sponge padding on the nose and brow areas for comfort and strategically placed darts ensure that the masks sits well clear of the eyes, eyelashes and face. The mesh provides and effective barrier from midges, mosquitoes and flies as well as over 70% of the sun’s rays.

Long lasting and easy to wash, the Field Relief Midi Fly Mask  comes in a variety of sizes to not only suit the tiniest of ponies and largest of horses. The Midi Fly Mask also provides excellent visibility so is ideal for veterans, visually impaired and spooky horses!* Field Relief Max available with ears & nose in Small, Medium, Large or XL in Black with Blue or Black with Red

Available in XL in Black/Orange

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