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Designed to give maximum all-round protection and even support.

The boots are made differently for front and hind legs as the areas of protection and flections differ.

The front boot gives an additional area of protection at the back of the fetlock and has a second layer of 6mm high impact resistant foam in the tendon area to help against the hind hoof over-reaching .

The hind boot has a speedy cut top to protect the lateral digital extensor tendon and an additional area of protection at the front of the leg of 6mm high impact resistant foam to protect the front of the hind legs when going over jumps.

Generally used for Pre-Novice, Novice and Intermediate, Cross country Eventing Hunting, Team Chasing, Marathon driving, or where you want your horse to have the best.

Constructed with a tough synthetic leatherette outer, for durability and ease of cleaning, the boot is lined with high quality fur to ensure a perfect comfortable fit, that allows air circulation. Sandwiched between the inner and outer layers is up to 12mm of high impact resistant foam. Fastened with Clarendon’s unique system of three elastic and Velcro straps, which are securely held in place by three stainless steel hooks on elastic. These ensure the boot straps will not undo thus making it unnecessary to over tape. The elastic is made exclusively for Clarendon. It’s elasticity and strength is very important, and should never be substituted.

Available in pairs in Pony, Proper Cob, Horse or Large in Navy/Cream, Black/Cream, Brown/Cream, Pink/Cream, White/Cream, Green/Cream or Black/Black

Please note that our Clarendon Boot selection are made toorder & are therefore non-returnable.

If your horse is not a standard size please contact us with yourhorses bone & length measurements so we can have your boots tailormade at no extra cost.

We are one of the largest independentretailers of Clarendon in the UK and a verified premium stockistgiving us access to the entire range. Our sales advisors use Clarendonproducts on a daily basis so are able to offer expert advice. If youneed any assistance in selecting the right boots for your horse pleasedon't hesitate to contact us.