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Cavalor SwItch has beendeveloped for horses that are sensitive to seasonally recurring skinirritations - often know as sweet itch.

Sweet Itch Help is Here!

Summer eczema in horses is aseasonal, annual recurring itch that goes hand in had with dermatitis. Thisskin inflammation is caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva of certainbiting midges, Culicoides, who are primarily active around sunrise and sunsetduring the warmer months of March - October.

This reaction causes aconstant itch on the mane, base of tail, head and ears which results inchafing. When scratching the horse may injure their skin which in turn leads tosecondary bacterial infections.

This product may also be usedin case of irritation caused by harsh weather.

Cavalor Switch works on manylevels. It masks the horses's body chemistry so that the mosquitoes are kept ata distance, which is an extremely important step in the prevention of sweetitch. Other, hydrating and nourishing ingredients will take care of wounded anditchy skin.

Shake before use!

Available in 500ml

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