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Cavalor Star Shine is a longlasting hair conditioner with a unique and pleasant aroma. Keeps mane and tailtangle free for up to a week

Considerably superior toother products on the market, using only the best quality silicone.

Are you noticing your horsesmanes and tails need more an more product to keep them looking and feelingnice? Poor quality ingredients in the cause.

Cavalor Star Shine is a long-lasting hairconditioner with a unique and pleasant aroma. Cavalor Star Shine gives abrightening gleam to your horse's coat and makes it appear as a real"star" on the show circuit. The horse's tail and mane can be expectedto remain tangle-free for a week.

Every hair strand will becoated with a protective layer.

Cavalor Star Shine is pHneutral.

As disentangler: Apply Cavalor Star Shine withthe atomiser on the mane and tail of the horse. After a few minutes, the tailcan be combed without any problem.

The effect is reinforcedwhen Cavalor StarShine is applied on the tail directly after washingwith Cavalor EquiWash.

To make your horse shine:Shake Cavalor StarShine gently before use. Apply Cavalor Star Shine tothe coat of the horse. Rub with a cloth. 


How do I get the bestresults for a shiny and voluminous tail? 
First, wash the tail with Cavalor Equiwash, then spray Cavalor Star Shine onthe horse's tail.

Can I use Cavalor Star Shineall over the horse’s body? 
Yes. You can apply Cavalor Star Shine not only on mane and tail, but also useit to create a shiny hair coat. For riding horses, we do not recommend sprayingCavalor Star Shine on the part of the hair coat where the saddle will be.

Do I need to apply CavalorStar Shine everyday? 
No. Cavalor Star Shine is a very high-quality product, and the effect will lastfor an average of 5 days.

Does Cavalor Star Shinecontain silicone? 
Cavalor Star Shine contains dimethicone, a high quality silicone oil. The useof this oil is, due to it's harmlessness, approved for use in cosmeticproducts. Please keep in mind that a mane/tail product without any form ofsilicone is unlikely to work properly.


Available in 500ml or 2000ml

We are one of the largest independent retailers of Cavalor in the UK & a verified premium stockist giving us access to the entire range. Our sales advisors all use these products on a daily basis so are able to offer you expert advice. If you need any assistance in selecting the right item for you or your horse please don't hesitate to contact us.