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Hoof OilFor Improved Hoof Quality

A unique blend of nourishingand essential oils which penetrate deep into the hoof resulting in optimal hoofconditions

No Hoof, No Horse

The healthy hoof expands andcontracts as the horse walks. This is possible thanks to the natural resilienceof the hoof.

Big fluctuations intemperature and humidity between night and day, especially during the summer,will make it hard for the hooves to avoid loosing moisture. Over dryingdisturbs the flexibility of the hoof resulting in cracked hooves.

The nourishing oil inPodoGuard will penetrate deep into the hoof. This creates an ideal moisturebalance. This will promote better hoof growth, development and quality. Brokenor damaged hooves can recover while a new, healthy hoof grows in.

Too much moisture on the otherhand isn’t beneficial either. Hooves mainly consist of keratin, the sameprotein that can be found in your fingernails. When they are soaked in waterand mud, they will soften. The natural protective oils will then be strippedaway making them more susceptible to invading organisms.

In this case, CavalorPodoGuard will act as a real antibacterial barrier to keep moisture andmicroorganisms out.

This makes Cavalor PodoGuardthe ideal blend to protect your horse’s hooves against every environment.

Note: Aside from external careproducts, nutrition also has a big influence on hoof health - if your horsesuffers from poor hoof quality then consider feeding Cavalor Hoof Aid Special fora time.


When the hoof is dryPodoGuard will raise the moisture.

When the hoof is wetPodoGuard will act as a barrier.

Apply several times eachweek.

If the hoof is dry andcracked then wet before application

If the hoof is wet then drythe surface before application


Available in 500ml or 2000ml.

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