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Cavalor Muscle Fit providesoverall care for muscles to improve their activity and prevent stiffness andother muscle problems during competitions or periods of intensive training.

Recommended Use

Cavalor Muscle Fit helps tobring your horse supple to the start of the next competition. It providespreventive muscle support by protecting muscle cells before the release of freeradicals and reduces the production and build-up of lactate.

Cavalor Muscle Fit also aidsin a better recovery after heavy effort by protecting the muscles fromstiffness through effective lactate elimination. Cavalor Muscle Fit is theideal product for muscle support before and during competitions or for horsessuffering from stiffness.

Product Properties - Key Ingredients

Cavalor Muscle Fit is amulti-ingredient product in which muscle activity is supported in various ways,muscle recovery is stimulated and muscle problems such as stiffness, damage andfatigue are prevented. This allows the horse to continue to perform optimally,especially during periods of intensive training or multi-day events.

Muscle cell support for supple, healthy muscle activity

Cavalor Muscle Fit containsminerals such as sulphur(S), magnesium (Mg) and manganese (Mn) that reduce muscletension and promote flexibility and stamina of the muscles. These minerals havebeen formulated for easy absorption by the horse to ensure optimaleffectiveness. One example is methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). Although MSM isbest known for its beneficial effects on the joints, it also contributes toproper muscle function. MSM relaxes the muscles, acts as an antioxidant and
also stimulates blood circulation. In this way, MSM promotes the body’sdecomposition and excretion of waste products. In addition, a complex of B vitaminsincluding vitamin B1, B2and B12 improves the horse’s carbohydrate metabolism, neuraltransmission and the oxygen supply to the muscles.

Highly potent antioxidant mix for maximum protection

Cavalor Muscle Fit contains avery powerful combination of antioxidants, providing a proven and extremelystrong defence against free radicals at relatively low ingredient dosages.Besides vitamin E andselenium, the standard antioxidants present in most musclesupplements found on the market, Cavalor Muscle Fit also contains vitamin C, beta-carotene andbioflavonoids. In addition, Cavalor Muscle fit alsocontains wheyproteins,precursor to glutathione, which is known to be one of the most powerfulantioxidants at a cellular level, but is poorly absorbed through the feed.

This combination ofingredients greatly increases the production of glutathione in the body andtriggers multiple processes for both intracellular and extracellular protectionof the muscle cells.

Efficient muscle repair prevents acidification and muscle damage

The whey proteins inCavalor Muscle Fit not only prevent muscle damage by neutralising freeradicals, they also supply proteins with an ideal amino acid profile,supporting rapid and effective regeneration of damaged muscle cells.Furthermore, the essential amino acids lysineand methionine included inCavalor Muscle Fit function as building blocks for the proteins from which themuscle cells are constructed.

Cavalor Muscle Fit containsbetaine, a precursor of dimethylglycine, which in the first place will ensurethat oxygen is efficiently transported to the muscles, so that less lactate isproduced and stored. Zinc, added in a chelate form, causes an acceleratedbreakdown of lactate, while sodium bicarbonate and sodium tripolyphosphate asbuffers also contribute to efficient muscle recovery. Neutralizing lactate andrestoring the acid-base balance prevents muscle acidification and stiffness.

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Available in 2kg or 5kg

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