Natural MudFever Care

More than 10 essential oils work together to heal, sootheand disinfect the area. 100% natural formula that will make the soresdisappear.

What is Mud Fever

Mud fever is, without adoubt, one of the most recognised skin problems in horses. Mud fever is acollective name for different forms of skin irritation on a horse's legs. Inserious conditions, the whole lower leg can swell up and if left untreated theswelling might not go away. In severe cases this results in lameness.

The most well-known symptomsare redness, scales, scabs and cracks in the pastern area. Bacteria and fungican grow very quickly and thrive there because it is warm and damp for much ofthe time.

Mud Fever may have differentcauses. For instance, dirt, mud, insects and washing out the cracks in the skintoo often - making the area sensitive to bacteria. Fungal infections, mites andsunburn are also common causes and because the skin is in constant movement,healing takes a long time.

Healthy Feet, Happy Feet

Cavalor MudDoc is a very fastacting formula thanks to the combinations of many essential oils such as AloeVera, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree.

Working on many levels, CavalorMudDoc heals the mud fever.

Antiseptic properties make the area inhospitablefor bacteria while woundhealingand analgesicpropertiessupport the welfare of the horse.

By promoting bloodcirculation the wounds heal faster and the moisturising properties of the creamimprove skin elasticity so less of a scar forms and the coat grows backquicker.

Available in 200ml tube

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