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[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE Cavalor Dry Feet is an easy touse, highly effective spray to keep the hoof sole and frog dry.

The newnatural formula for Cavalor Dry Feet is based on prebiotics and probiotics toprovide the sole and frog with good, protective microflora for the activesuppression of pathogens.

Thisproduct is used worldwide by veterinarians, farriers, grooms and riders totreat soft areas of the hoof.


UseCavalor Dry Feet to keep the hoof sole and frog dry (2 times a week). Use CavalorDry Feet to treat horse thrush (1 to 2 times daily for a period of 4 to 5days).

How it works

Thrush isa common bacterial infection of the hoof that affects the frog. Horses withdeep grooves and narrow heels are at a higher risk of thrush. Even if you keepyour horse’s surroundings as clean as possible, pathogens will always remain.Horses often stand in stalls containing manure or in wet, muddy paddocks.
These are ideal conditions for anaerobic bacteria to survive in the hooves andcause damage there. Once the tissue becomes damaged, these bacteria may evenpenetrate to the sensitive areas of the hoof under the frog and lame the horse.

The newCavalor Dry Feet formula is 100% natural and contains a combination of goodbacteria (probiotics) and inulin (prebiotics). Inulin promotes the activity ofthe probiotics in the product as well as the good microorganisms alreadypresent on the hoof. These colonise the entire surface of the hoof, activelydisplacing any bad bacteria that can cause issues such as thrush.

The newCavalor Dry Feet formula was tested extensively by people whose horses wereafflicted by thrush. 

Speed of Results

Over 98%of users saw a noticeable difference after just 10 days with more than 60%seeing the results in as little as 5 days.


89% oftest subjects thought Cavalor Dry Feet Natural was as effective or better thanother products they had tried

Available in 250ml.

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