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Cavalor CoolSens is aconcentrated liniment. It contains a mixture of essential oils that refresh andcool the horse.
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Just like humans, horsessweat to maintain their body temperature. The difference is that they have moremuscle mass and a relatively small skin surface area, making it difficult tocool down. Therefore to us as humans, riding in 20C feels pleasant whilefor horses, anything above 10C feels warm.

It is very important that sweatinghorses cool down properly to prevent muscle soreness and permanent damage tothe body. If a horse continues to sweat, this means they are still too hot.Refresh your horse with cold water. Adding Cavalor CoolSens to the water willincrease and prolong the cooling down.


After exercise dilute in coolwater and apply to the horse with a sponge.

Do not rinse, simply use asweat scraper if you prefer although research suggests it is better to leavethe water on the horse.

Cavalor CoolSens contains Mentholand Eucalyptus which have a miraculous effect on the sensory nerves bystimulating those that produce a cool, soothing sensation to refresh tired,aching legs. Furthermore, the inhibit a specific pain receptor, making them aneffective topical analgesic.

Menthol can also speed uphealing by dilating blood vessels and thus increasing blood flow to the area.


Essential oils

  • Menthol
  • Eucalyptus radiata
  • Tea Tree
Available in 500ml or 2000ml


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