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Cavalor Colostra provides vitalcolostrum for newborn foals when this cannot be supplied by the mare, or not insufficient amounts

Recommended Use

Newbornfoals are born without any antibodies and must absorb these through thecolostrum within 24 hours of their birth. If a foal has received little or nocolostrum for whatever reason, it is vital to compensate for this deficit.Cavalor Colostra increases the level of immunoglobulins in the blood.

Key Ingredients

Inmammals, including horses, embryos receive (almost) no antibodies through theplacenta while in the womb. This means that to achieve immunity, foals areentirely dependent on the antibodies they obtain from quality colostrum duringthe first few hours after birth.

Theabsorption of antibodies from colostrum is highest within the first 6 to 8hours after birth. 24 hours after a foal’s birth, it will no longer be able toabsorb antibodies via the colostrum.

Immunoglobulindeficiency occurs in orphan foals, but also in foals of mares with low levelsof colostrum, none at all or only of insufficient quality. Too fewimmunoglobulins will increase a foal’s risk of developing infectious diseasessuch as diarrhoea or other complaints.

CavalorColostra contains natural substances (freeze-dried colostrum) that areessential to foals’ healthy growth. Cavalor Colostra is safe to use for allfoals and consists of at least 30% immunoglobulins.

Instructions for Use

Mix thecontents of 1 package (100g) of Cavalor Colostra with 0.2 L of Cavalor Hyppolacor water. Stir well until the powder is completely dissolved.

Use abottle with a teat to administer Cavalor Colostra. Caution: Do not heat in themicrowave, as this will destroy the immunoglobulins.

If thefoal received no colostrum from the mare: Administer Cavalor Colostra within 6 hoursafter birth and repeat again after 12-16 hours.

If thefoal received too little colostrum via the mare: Administer Cavalor Colostrawithin 24 hours after birth.

CavalorColostra can also be administered as a preventive measure during the first 24hours to ensure that the foal receives sufficient antibodies.

 Available in 100g

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