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Cavalor Bronchix Puresupports the airways and ensures a thorough cleansing. It has a soothing effectand strengthens the body’s natural defences for lasting results.


Cavalor Bronchix Pure is the product for you when you haveniggling respiratory tract and breathing problems.

Various factors can lead toinflammation of the bronchial tubes or cause lung problems. Such issues can bevery detrimental to the horse’s condition and vitality. It is essential toensure they are thoroughly resolved in order to prevent latent respiratoryproblems.

Cavalor Bronchix Pure soothesand opens up the airways. It also cleanses deep into the lungs and strengthensthe body’s natural defences. The 100% natural formula is based primarilyon herbs known for their beneficial effect on the lungs, airways andimmune system.

It was developed to supportthe horse when a cough persists for a prolonged time period.

Blowing, coughing or a slightwheeze? Something is just not quite right but there is no real veterinaryissue. This is the product for you.

Irritation of the lungs canbe caused by different factors.

These problems can have avery negative influence on the health of the horse.

It is very important to solvethese problems quickly.

This product soothes, clearsand supports the respiratory tract and increases the natural resistance.


Bronchix Pure is asophisticated mixture of herbs and plant extracts that tackle pulmonary andrespiratory problems at the root.

Herbs such as Petroselinum sativum and Foeniculum vulgare loosenstubborn mucus and clear the airways, allowing the horse to breathe moreeasily. Glychirrhizaglabrais known for its anti-inflammatory properties and boosts the immunesystem, while Urticadioica reducesallergic reactions due to irritants.

Reducing irritation,cleansing both the superficial and deeper airways and strengthening thenatural defence mechanism will result in a faster, more thorough recovery.

  • Petroselinum sativum
  • Foeniculum vulgare
  • Glychirrhiza glabra
  • Urtica dioica
Feeding Rate: 50 g per day for 40 days

Pack Size: 1000 g

Pack Lasts: 20 days

Max Daily Rate: 120 g per day

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