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Cavalor Bronchix Pulmo opensup the airways and supports pulmonary elasticity and resilience duringhigh-intensity training and competition.


A poorly functioningrespiratory system is a common factor in sport horses that don’t always quite manageto exhibit their full potential. For outstanding performance, efficientlytransported oxygen is crucial. Cavalor Bronchix Pulmo is designed for optimalsupport of the lungs and airways. It improves the elasticity and resilience ofthe blood vessels and facilitates respiration. Clinical testing on activeracehorses has demonstrated these effects.

ProductProperties - Key Ingredients

Intense effort taxes the respiratorysystem and drives the oxygen requirement way up. The increased pressure fromthe blood flowing along the lungs can stress the air sacs in the lungs.

Cavalor Bronchix Pulmocontains a balanced mix of essential oils that have a synergistic beneficialeffect on the airways and support alveolar elasticity.

The Daucus carota in CavalorBronchix Pulmo strengthens the walls of the capillaries and, together withAllium sativum and Cupressus, serves to lower the blood pressure, supportingalveolar resilience and elasticity.

Citrus aurantiifolia,Eucalyptus globulus Labil, Cupressus and Glycyrrhiza glabra clear mucus fromthe airways, support respiration and neutralise free radicals. Indeed, anefficient oxygen uptake is essential in delivering the best performance.

Directionsfor use

 For optimal preparation of the respiratorysystem before strenuous exercise, we recommend starting with Cavalor BronchixPulmo at least 16 (preferably 18) days in advance.

If the risk is less high, 6days is enough.

To do so, administer 20 g(1/3 syringe) per day for at least 16 days (high risk) or 5 days (low risk).

On the day before theincreased workload and on the morning itself (or the previous evening if sameday is not allowed) administer 30 g (1/2 syringe).

This means 5-6 syringes willbe required to prepare for a race, competition or high-intensity training andonly 3 syringes if the risk is less.

The daily maximum dose perhorse is 60 g (1 syringe)

Available in 6 x 60g Syringes.

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