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Cavallo’s Enhanced Protection Gel Pad gives your horse an extra layer of comfort only when he needs it.

Cavallo Gel Pads are made from a technically advanced and specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer that is designed to provide your horse with temporary extra protection and increased comfort when making the transition from metal shoes to barefoot, while riding on very aggressive terrain or longer distances or for rehabilitation during an injury. 

Due to the pliable nature of gel, which moves into the sole cavity – blood flow and circulation is stimulated. This can speed up the healing process and increase hoof health.

*As they are designed for temporary use, when being used for regular riding they can wear out more quickly than traditional pads and may need to be replaced from time to time.

        Removable insole for greater comfort
        Easy to cut and fit to your horse’s boots
        For temporary use with Cavallo Simple boots
Fits Boot Sizes 0-6. One Size master shape engraved with each size
        Provides excellent shock absorption
        Minimizes fatigue
        Slightly tightens the fit of looser boots
        Sole, bar and frog stimulation

An excellent addition to the protection of Cavallo Hoof boots. The Enhanced Protection Gel Pad is firm enough to allow hoof mechanism to work yet soft enough to add extra cushion for your horse’s hooves.

Available in Pairs (two pads) in One Size Only - Can be cut to size.

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