Amerigo items are made according to the principles of quality, refinement and craftsmanship which have always distinguished their trademark, placing an emphasis on character and prestige.

Constant, painstaking and attentive research into shapes, materials and techniques turn these particular products into veritable gems in the scenario of articles for equitation, designed for a refined clientele that is able to recognise qualitative excellence and style.

Made in the highest quality leather, it has a unique integrated headpiece that has additional super soft padding throughout the whole length. This padded area is contoured and protects the sensitive areas towards the ears as well as reducing pressure across the poll.

The beauty of this bridle is that the noseband can be changed quickly and easily, so enabling the rider to mix and match - plain leather for training at home and perhaps patent for competitions!

The Vespucci Traditional Dressage Snaffle has a refined brow-band and a softly padded, crank noseband. It has stylish stainless steel buckles to create a very elegant look to flatter the horses head. The traditional leather reins are rubber backed leather that provide the required grip but are fine enough for even the smallest hands.

Separate Amerigo Vespucci nosebands are also available (to buy) including patent and drop which can be interchanged.

When it comes to being ahead of the competition, Amerigo is the number one choice for professional and serious amateur riders alike.

Available in Black or Brown in Cob or Full.

We are one of the largest independent retailers of Amerigo in the UK and a verified premium stockist giving us access to the entire range. Our sales advisors all use these products on a daily basis so are able to offer you expert advice. If you need any assistance in selecting the right item for you or your horse please don't hesitate to contact us.