Equine Sports Therapy


Cork Farm Equestrian is pleased to offer Equine Sports Therapy through our fully trained specialist Emily Best.

Emily is qualified to provide a number of different equine therapies that can help with your horses performance and make them more comfortable during day to day work. 

To make an appointment or to discuss your horses requirements in more detail please call 01233 740817

What therapies are available?


Low Level Laser Treatment


This is a very effective therapy that is used for many different ailments such as muscle relaxation, injury recovery, tendon injuries, ligament injuries and aiding with the lymphatic system.


There are three ways in which massage is used including soft tissue mobilisation followed up with complementary stretches.

Sports Massage, Remedial and Healing Massage & Relaxation Massage are all offered by Emily.

Mag Field

Using the force of the magnetic field increases blood flow through the area improving the body’s natural healing process. This is especially good for soft tissue injuries.


How do I know I need Emily's help?


If your horse needs a session they will usually let you know by:

-  Shortened strides and restricted movement
-  Lack of flexion
-  Poor engagement in working discipline
-  Reluctance to change transitions
-  Low energy, loss of power and quicker to fatigue
-  Stumbling, slipping, tripping
-  Bucking, rearing, napping
-  Adopting undesirable habits and vices
-  Aversion to being tacked up
-  Anxiety, despondence, withdrawal
-  Unusually hitting poles whilst jumping
-  Refusal to jump

These are often shown for both any soreness or a problem with the tack fitting. It is important to book an appointment as soon as any of these signs start to show to prevent other behavioral traits starting usually in compensation. Regular checks will prevent the negative effects of discomfort and muscle stress.

Other aspects of their behavior may also change, the horses appetite can be affected as well as their manner. They may become more aggressive or nervous and become difficult to do day to day jobs with.


Therapy Charges

Therapy charges in our local area start from just £60. Fees are payable in advance or at the beginning of your session by cash or bank transfer directly to Emily. Discounts are available for multiple horses or for dual therapy & saddle fitting sessions carried out at the same address within the same appointment. This fee is inclusive & covers the costs of travel, time, therapy & expert advice. Please contact us for pricing if you are outside of our local area.


About Emily


Emily qualified as an Equine Sports Therapist in 2012. Having always wanted to be an equine therapist after watching a therapist bring one of her own horses back from a serious injury she went to study her degree at Writtle College.


Emily is a fully qualified & insured Equine Sports Therapist.


After being in the industry for a few years Emily became aware that a lot of the issues that she was finding in the horses backs were saddle/tack related spurring Emily to then undertake training with a qualified Master Saddler where she learnt saddle fitting and adjusting through various methods including flocking adjustments.

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