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Simple Boot is the Multi-Purpose Hoof Boot, excellent for protecting your horse’s hooves on hard, rough terrain.The ultimate protection for the barefoot horse. Great for comfort for chronic pain or hoof sensitivity; rehabilitation from injuries, abscesses, navicular disease, laminitis / founder, punctures, sole bruising and contracted heels. Can be used for protection during trailering and breeding or taken on the trail as a “spare tire” for lost shoes.

The Simple hoof boot is our multi-purpose hoof boot, excellent for:

    All-terrain hoof protection for your barefoot horse
    Comfort for chronic pain or hoof sensitivity
    Rehabilitation from injuries, abscesses, navicular disease, laminitis / founder, punctures, sole bruising and contracted heels
    Protection during trailering and breeding
    Your peace of mind: Take on rides as a “spare tire” for lost shoes
    Horses with rounded hooves with equal width and length.

Features and benefits

    Built-in drainage
    Simple to put on and remove (even with arthritic hands!)
    Stays securely on hoof
    Shaped for the natural hoof (needs no inserts or shims)
    Simple front fastening with industrial grade Velcro® closures
    Genuine leather upper is comfortable and flexible
    Molded-in back flap for bulb protection and abrasion resistance
    Durable construction: Waterproof thread, rustproof metal and high-performance TPU outsole
    Promotes healthy hooves. Allowing expansion and contraction promotes proper blood circulation
    Softee leather foam-filled collar (Cavallo Pastern Wraps are available for added protection if desired)
Unique Outsole
    Outside tread pattern supports the hoof wall
    All-terrain tread minimizes build-up of mud, sand and debris
    Excellent traction while still allowing natural movement
    Center of outsole is recessed to minimize pressure
    High performance, specially-formulated thermo plastic urethane (TPU) compound provides maximum protection, shock absorption, durability, and abrasion resistance.
    Built-in sole relief: Raised inner rim takes pressure off sole, bar and frogs

Cavallo Technology
    Built-in break over
    Surefooted low-profile sole
    Unique tread pattern supports frog
    Innovative sole design provides natural heel (skid) brake
    Integrated high density inner rim supports load bearing hoof wall

Available in Pairs in Black in size 6 Regular

Measure the hoof length carefully preferably STRAIGHT AFTER A FRESH TRIM.

DO NOT include heel bulbs.

Stay within the hoof size range as room growth has already been allowed for between regular trims.

Please see measuring image and note that when printing the chart ensure the sizing equates to a standard ruler.

See the Video on How to Measure & Fit your Cavallo Hoof Boots:

Cavallo Hoof Boot Fitting & Measuring

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