Hestevard Equine Supplements

The Hestevard range of Equine Supplements has been scientifically formulated by our laboratories in conjunction with the leading Equine Vets across the UK & Europe. In the UK a large proportion of vet practices trust Hestevard supplements as a valued partner in their treatment plans for horses.

Hestevard ingredients are all fully traceable to sustainable sources. They only use the finest ingredients, which are then carefully blended in their laboratories to ensure they deliver precision nutritional support for your horse.

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Hestevard Biofix-40 Healthy Hoof Supplement Biotin Zinc Vitamins Trace Elements

A nutritious mini-pellet containing Biotin, Zinc, Vitamins, and Trace Elements to promote healthy hooves. Highly concentrated formula with a daily feed rate of 100g containing 40mg of Biotin - essential...

Hestevard BozMerix Balancer Joint Supplement+ Vitamin Mineral Amino Acid Biotics

A balancer with a feed element, combined with a maintenance rate of BozMerix (7.5g per 500g). An active joint support maintenance diet which supports joints and the natural systems that...

Hestevard Dura-E Vitamin E Musculoskeletal and Immune Function Equine Supplement

Supplementary feed with a high concentration of Vitamin E to support musculoskeletal health and immune function. A concentrated Vitamin E formula for antioxidant support. This high-quality Vitamin E formula is...

Hestevard Duralyte-R Veterinarian Formulated Electrolyte Replacement Supplement

An exceptionally palatable electrolyte replacement complementary feedstuff.Veterinarian formulated electrolyte replacement blend for horses of all disciplines. Formulated to compensate for electrolytes lost through heavy sweating in competition, training, or hot...

Hestevard Flex Alpha Liquid Joint Supplement with Devils Claw MSM Glucosamine 1L

A complementary feed for horses to support joint metabolism. Contains Devil’s Claw, MSM, Glucosamine, and many other natural ingredients. Flex Alpha combines the important building blocks of articular cartilage Glucosamine,...

Hestevard Hormequin Hormone Balance Supplement Mares and Stallions Fertility Cycle

Ground Monk’s Pepper & MSM based complementary feed to support optimal hormonal balance. Chaste Tree (Vitex Agnus-castus) traditionally has been used to have a positive effect on fertility and the...

Hestevard Kur-Q-Flex Curcurmin Inflammation and Joint Support Liquid Supplement

Concentrated liquid Curcumin to aid the natural systems in the horse that control inflammation. 360 x more concentrated than natural Turmeric. Concentrated liquid Curcumin to aid the natural systems in...

Hestevard Laktese Ex Muscle Functionand Energy Production Support Paste Supplement

A complementary feed supplement in a paste form, for horses to promote muscle function and energy metabolism. Supports energy production at the cellular level. A complementary feed supplement in a...