Throughout the summer months, flies and midges can make your horse's life miserable. To protect your horse from nasty bites, selecting the perfect fly rug is essential, and coupling with a mask will make your horse’s summer happy & fly free.

There are various things to consider when buying the perfect fly rug for your horse including fabric, style and sizing when it comes to comfort. There are a wide range of fly rugs available, all offering varying degrees of protection for your horse.

The question is which one is best for your particular horse as there are just so many available. Here's a short guide to some of our top picks for Horse & Pony Fly Rugs this season!

Standard Fly Rugs

For those on a budget, with a horse who is kind to their rugs & does not need any special protection the standard fly rugs are great. Generally they will all give good allround protection against flies with the mesh barrier. Our top picks this season are the Horseware Mio Combo Fly Rug which is available in Horse or Pony styles from 4'6" up to 7'0" with prices starting from only £38.95 or the Mark Todd Airmesh Combo Fly Rug from only £49.95.

Mid-Range Fly Rugs

For those looking for a better fit & better fabric quality are the mid-range fly rugs which supply all the protection of the standard range rugs but have a more tailored fit, better coverage & a better denier of mesh. Our top pick mid-range fly rugs are the Horseware Amigo Bug Rug in 5'6" - 7'0" starting from only £59.95 or the Mark Todd Ultra Combo Fly Rug in 5'6" - 7'0" & from only £57.95.

Top of the Range Fly Rugs

Ultimate in fly rug protection & for those 'rug rippers out there' comes only from the Horseware Rambo range which are widely known for their great fit, quality & durability. These rugs are amazingly hard wearing with their tough mesh outer, UV protection, long tail flap, long belly section & removable hoods. Available now from only £99.95 the Horseware Rambo Protector Fly Rug in 5'6" - 7'3".

Fly Rugs with Integrated Fly Repellent

If your horse is really suffering & other fly rugs are just not giving them the protection they need there are now fly rugs on the market which contain a natural Permetherin fly repellent in the fabric itself. These not only give the ultimate protection but also unbeatable coverage of the horse with long sections around the legs, long tail flaps, UV guard, belly protection & removable hoods. They are both from the Horseware range with the Horseware Amigo Bug Buster Fly Rug from only £98.95 & the harder wearing Horseware Rambo FlyBuster from only £119.95. Both of these models are currently being offered via Cork Farm Equestrian with a FREE matching Fly Mask included throughout June!

Sweeticth Fly Rugs

The Horseware Rambo Sweetitch Hoody needs no introduction being the market leader in sweetitch protection. These rugs provide amazing close coverage of the horse or pony with a sheet texture. They have holes for the ears & also come with Free Fly Masks to give total protection from biting pests. These are available in Miniature, Pony & Horse sizes ranging from 2'9" right up to 7'3" with prices starting from only £71.95. The Horseware Rambo Sweetitch Hoody for Ponies & Horses is also available with added Permetherin integrated Fly Repellent in the Vamoose styles as the Bug Buster & FlyBuster above to give even greater results from only £108.95.

Mini Pony Protection

For our little friends comes the petite range from Horseware in the standard range Horseware Amigo Petite Bug Rug & then the premium Horseware Rambo Petite Sweetitch Hoody. Both of these styles in miniature sizes from 2'9" - 4'0".

Chunky Horse Protection

Some riders have a terrible time finding rugs to fit horses who are chunkier than most. They find either they cannot do them up at all or they rub horribly. Horseware has the answer in the Horseware Amigo XL Bug Buster. This rug is available in 5'9" - 7'6" & is currently only £74.95. These rugs are 20% deeper & 20% larger around the neck than other fly rugs to give these horses the extra room & coverage they need.

Waterproof Fly Rugs

With the ever changing weather comes the need for versatitlity. Is it going to be sunny? Is it going to rain? Is it going to be a changeable day? Which rug do I put on? The confusion is over! Horseware have created three amazing all weather fly rugs which come complete with waterproof features to suit your horse. First comes the Horseware Amigo Aussie Allrounder in 5'6" - 7'0" & starting from only £61.95 which is a sheet style rug designed to give amazing UV protection but also protect against the odd unexpected shower! From the Horseware Amigo range come the Horseware Amigo Three in One Fly Rugs with standard or new Disc front closures in 5'6" - 7'0" & from only £99.95. These amazing rugs act in the same way as a normal fly rug but have a waterproof strip along the spine to keep your horse as dry as possible for sunny days which throw those unexpected summer showers. Alternatively you can now purchase a Horseware Fly Rug Liner which can be combined with most fly rugs from the Horseware range to act as a waterproof under rug.

Ride on Fly Rugs

Once again a huge issue for riders. Summer hacking can be less than fun if your horse is leaping around with flies & midegs attacking. Horseware also have the answer for this in their Horseware Amigo FlyRider at £52.95 being a standard mesh fly rug supplying the coerage needed from ears to tail to stop those biting pests & the top of the range Horseware Rambo FlyRider at £124.95 giving ears to tail coverage, UV protection, durable mesh fabric & inbuilt permetherin fly repellent for the ultimate in fly free sumer riding.

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